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Special Offers for all car owners who still do not trust the benefits of CNG Kits in all makes & models of Petrol Car. Many of us are confused that CNG Kis Fitting is a waste of money and car life compromise. Some of us believe that a CNG Kit Reduces the efficiency of a car & its pickup. So Join S.K. Motors, get a Free* Fitting of a CNG Kit in Your Car, Get 3 Year Guaranty / Warranty on CNG Kit, Drive Car 3 Years and save up to 2.5 Lakhs Fuel Cost. Its time to trust us, and get a 100% refund of the security deposit when you surrender the CNG Kit (remove/uninstall) after 3 years.

  • Sequential CNG Kits Fitting @ Free
  • Top Brand Sequential CNG Kits, 2Yr Guaranty & Lifetime Warranty.
  • Up to 1* Lakhs Fuel Cost Saving every year.
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We, S.K. Motors one of the  Government Approved CNG Fitment Center (RFC-10) and provides Conversion from Petrol to CNG for All Types of Cars in Delhi. We run the Certified CNG Fitments Center and Install All Types of Imported and Indian Made CNG Sequential Conversion Kit into your car. We already have installed over 25000+ CNG Kits in Various makes & models of cars. We Install Sequential CNG Kits in Cars as per their approval from the Government of Delhi. We are Running CNG Kit Fitting Center RFC-10 (For Petrol Running Vehicles including All Types of Cars at Pankha Road Near Dabri). We install all types of Imported CNG kit from Italy & Argentina (Tomasetto, Lovato, BRC, Automoto, mSequent, etc.). We are the second Largest Company in Delhi to Install Sequential CNG Kits in all make and models of cars.

Why Install CNG Kit in Car?

CNG is an economical & Safe Fuel and it does not pollute the environment. You can get 60% Fuel Cost Saving with CNG Kit. Install CNG Today & Save lots of money
Fuel Price Mileage Monthly Travel Monthly Fuel Expense Annual Expense
CNG: Rs.45 20 1500 KM Rs.3375 Rs.40500 (60% Saving)
Petrol: Rs.80 14 1500 KM Rs.8571 Rs.102857

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Install CNG Kits in Easy EMI

S.K. Motors Launched! Sequential CNG Kits in Easy EMI. Get Installation of Sequential CNG Kit Fitting in your Car@ Lowest Market Price and at EASY EMI, Offer Valid for all make CNG Sequential Kits.

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